3iS Systems intelligent automation systems are widely deployed in various industrial applications as Defense Industries , Household Industries , Automotive Industries , Sanitary manufacturing , Engineering Industries , Water & Waster Water Treatment , Food & Beverage , Packing Industries , Chemical Industries , Cement and Steel Industries and any Industry that requires automated control management , expansion and upgrade.

Our Solutions are build on real partnership with worldwide technology vendors allowing us to supply you all your automated systems needs from hardware infrastructure to designing tools , all these are designed, supplied and maintained by our expert team . Over last few years 3IS introduced its own designing tools and hardware platform allowing our customers to benefit from automated secure systems. 3IS partnership with the leading names in global automation market has one Aim of Real Customer's Satisfaction.

Implementation allows to:

Ensure relevant machine utilization
Cut costs on the expensive tools
Reduce Energy Consumption

Return On Investment (ROI) period on average is 4-6 months.


Helps to detect any abnormalities in metalworking process that affect parts quality, estimate remaining useful life of the tool and alert shop foreman. For the metalworking shops, it prevents malfunction of a machine, thus avoiding breakdown of manufactured parts of the machine, as well as preventing tool failure, ensuring quick tool replacement and reduction of maintenance time and downtime. As a result, it reduces cost of manufactured part, rejection rate and machine maintenance and repair and improve products quality.

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