3iS Automation

To stay competitive in today's market, engineers must take a design from engineering through manufacturing with shorter design cycles and faster time to market through intelligent Industrial Automaton optimizing Production phase cycles . To be successful, you need a set of powerful, intuitive, and integrated tools that work seamlessly across the entire design and production flow.

3iS Automation is a provider of integrated Automation systems on turnkey basis including sensors, instrumentation, intelligent control units and communications’ interfaces. We are a distributor and agents of leading edge international automation companies .

Vertical Segments & Industries

3iS Automation  intelligent systems are widely deployed in various industrial applications as Defense Industries , Household Industries , Automotive Industries , Sanitary manufacturing , Engineering Industries , Water & Waster Water Treatment , Food & Beverage , Packing Industries , Chemical Industries , Cement and Steel Industries and any Industry that requires automated control management , expansion and upgrade.Add a description here.

Industrial Factory & Shop Floor Management and Control Solutions

Smart Industrial Automated Factory & Shop Floor Management allow Real Time Machine Management and Monitoring. Shop Floor data collection system are designed to provide production control & real-time manufacturing data in order to focus on the major downtimes, bottlenecks in the equipment performance, operations performance, remotely, sending you real-time customizable and downloadable notifications and reports, to evaluate and focus on ensuring key performance indicators such as OEE to be fulfilled according to current tasks, as well as cut down on tooling, energy and scrap costs.

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Robotics Automation

Robot Handling Arm

Screen Automation

Intelligent Robots

Machine Automation

Maintenance and Upgrade

Consultancy Services

3iS Systems offers full range automation consultancy services ,starting from early project design phase while acquiring requirements of the project , defining parameters and critical factors based on real actual customers’ needs , passing by designing ,engineering and ending with realization implementation , commissioning and final acceptance of the project.Add a description here.


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